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Having trouble accessing APM Learning?

Check below for our most frequently asked questions.

I was sent APM Learning login details by email. How do I get my login details again if I no longer have access to the email?

You will need to contact, who upon confirming your identity will be able to send a fresh copy of your APM Learning login details.

If I have been given details to login directly to APM Learning, what is the link to login to APM Learning?

Sure. For users who have been given directly access to APM Learning - If you joined, upgraded or renewed your membership after June 2023.

You can follow this link to access APM Learning.

I am an existing member and have been since before June 2023, where do I go?

You should carry on accessing APM Learning as you have been. You should be able to access the APM Learning dashboard from this link.

If you have any issues, please get in contact at or 01844 271681.