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APM Women in Project Management Interest Network


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Welcome to the APM Women in Project Management Interest Network.

Ready to make a difference? Dive into our network and become part of something truly special. Whether you're passionate about volunteering, seeking valuable resources on Women in Project Management, or eager to network with like minded project professionals at our exciting events, there's a place for you here.

Volunteer opportunities await. Join us to create positive change! From webinars to networking events, there are countless ways you can contribute your time and skills to make a difference.

Discover valuable resources. Empower yourself with knowledge and tools to drive progress forward. Explore our resources below filled with insightful articles, practical guides, and useful tools designed to support your career.

Women in project management Project management relies on good leadership and team working which can be enhanced by promoting individual strengths. Much has been said about the potential for improvements in organisational practices to be found in examining the differences in management styles between men and women, whilst little has been done to develop organisational processes needed to realise this potential.

The future relies on changes in working practices, involving both men and women.

Definition from APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition

WiPM addresses the development and promotion of women working in project management environments and works to maximise the availability of expertise in the project management profession.

We actively promote investment in gender diversity to ensure that all project managers have the potential to develop a highly rewarding career, supporting both men and women in their efforts to maintain a balance between the many demands imposed on them whilst striving to retain their own identity. Our mission is to:

To develop a powerful profile We are active members of the APM and wider project management community and represent the voice of women.

Promote a no-barrier culture We encourage all project managers to succeed in their career by providing expertise and resources to facilitate career progression.

Engage with and respond to project professionals We listen to the voices of our members and tailor our work to their feedback, providing regular occasions to interact through continuing professional development events, webinars and networking opportunities.

Build a collaborative community We grow dynamic networks with our members and links with like-minded organisations, sharing best practice in project management and professionalism.

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WiPM initiatives

WiPM was founded in 1993 as a forum for women to develop their skills and to network and continues to support the project management community through the following initiatives:

  • A varied programme of events and networking opportunities, including a biennial conference.
  • Active social media community and discussions through LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Building links with other professional communities and women’s networks.
  • Support group for those aspiring to RPP and FAPM.
  • An information database and profiles of project managers that demonstrate the diversity of those in the WiPM community.

Featured resources

Workplace Wellbeing Profile Rebrand With Ribbon
Workplace Wellbeing Profile

Let’s start with; What is the Workplace Wellbeing Profile? It is a collaborative communication toolbox, specifically tailored to each individual, that they can use in their workplace to identify ways to manage their wellbeing.

Resources archive


APM WiPM Conference 2024

26 September 2024

Come and join over 700 project professionals across dozens of sectors and all career levels to network, interact and learn about the topics that really matter to women in the project profession.


Styliana Kiliaris, Senior Project Controls Engineer
Women’s History Month: ‘Let’s tackle unconscious bias in the project profession’
Gender Inequality In Construction Gettyimages 552721709
New research shows how the UK construction sector can tackle discrimination against women
Rachel Jackson Card
Women’s History Month: APM speaks to Rachel Jackson, Lead Planner at Anglo American
As part of Women in History month, APM has spoken to several leading female project professionals, including Rachel Jackson, planning lead for Anglo American Crop Nutrients,
APM master logo.gif
Inspire inclusion within the project profession to attract and retain a diverse workforce webinar
Discussed inspiring inclusion within projects and programmes, with practical tools and tips that you can implement to improve your inclusive leadership skills to support diverse recruitment and retention strategies.
Irene Maposa Thumbnail
Black History Month: Introducing the new chair of APM’s Women in Project Management group
APM’s Women in Project Management Specific Interest Group has welcomed a new Chair, Irene Maposa. As part of our series of articles for Black History Month, we spoke with Irene about her vision for the future of the SIG, the people who continue to inspire her in her career, and her advice for the next generation of project professionals.
Panel Discussion Wipm Conference
APM conference helps women in project management progress their careers


Gettyimages 607477463 Clay
How to get started as a new project manager
One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is: how do I get started as a new project manager when I have limited experience? Any seasoned PM will know that the ability to demonstrate relevant experience counts when applying for new roles and attending interviews.
Gettyimages 1210536681 Edit2
From accidental project manager to project management enthusiast
Everyone, from company chair to factory worker, erupted into cheers. It was half past five on a Friday afternoon. The lorry with the diagnostic devices for a German car manufacturer rolled off the parking lot in Wiltshire. My first project was delivered! I felt a huge sense of achievement and belonging. Purely by accident, I had turned into a project manager. It wasn’t my job title, and I didn’t know it at the time, but that was what I had become, even if it hadn’t been my plan.  
Gettyimages 1210536681 Edit2
How to manage menopause at work
Research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) finds that 30% of menopausal women have experienced being unable to go into work because of their symptoms, with only one-quarter feeling able to tell their manager the real reason.
Gettyimages 1089813056
The WIPM conference: a success story
As I stepped from the lift, the energy and anticipation was palpable – actually, that’s an understatement. It didn’t just wash over you, it hit you. Yes, I have just arrived at my 5th Women in Project Management conference, and I’m not surprised that this flag-ship event had sold out.
Gettyimages 1044232206
Every single WIPM Conference is worth a million dollars
At the next WIPM conference, we’re eager to enhance leadership skills and empower project teams by harvesting our diversity and inclusion within transformational projects. We will be celebrating our achievements, personal growth and professional development which I’m sure can easily add up to a million dollars.
Gettyimages 1089813056
Making space for women
Here in the UK, I head up the UK Space Agency’s Office for Project and Programme Management. Founded in 2010, the Agency is at the heart of the growing space sector in the UK. It delivers on key ambitions set out in the UK’s National Space Strategy by catalysing investment into the space sector, delivering missions and capabilities, and championing the power of space to improve services across the economy and inspire the next generation. The Agency also manages the UK’s investments in, and membership of, the European Space Agency (ESA), an inter-governmental organisation independent of the European Union.

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