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APM Wessex Network


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Welcome to the APM Wessex Network. 

The Wessex Network offers a variety of exciting opportunities to network and learn about latest developments in project management within the Wessex region. 

Connect with project professionals in your region, and benefit from local updates, with access to quality events that serve all membership levels and offer you the chance to network, make connections, and learn about the latest developments in project management. 

Build your network by engaging with like-minded project professionals at our events and gain insight into the latest project profession practices, leveraging the network’s experience and lessons from key projects. 

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Diversity round table report

At the end of 2023, the Chair of the Wessex branch met with colleagues from APM and several corporate partners from the region. The theme of the evening was diversity and inclusion and, for example, whether colleagues had seen project teams being created with diversity and inclusion in mind.

This report reflects the discussions from the evening and is an example of the type of event we’ll see more of as the branches become regional networks.

For more on APM’s volunteer networks visit our community.


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Soft Skills Training for Project Management – harder than you might think! (3)
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Team Lead Succeed – Helping You And Your Team Achieve High-Performance Teamwork (1)
In March 2022, Nick Fewings, MD of Ngagementworks, published Team Lead Succeed, based on his 30+years of both leading operational and project teams, and subsequently facilitating team development around the world. This event was held on 28 September 2023.
PM Challenge Wessex Branch Winners
APM Wessex Branch names PM Challenge winners
Delivering the world’s first full fibre network webinar
Enabling Jersey to become the world’s first full-fibre jurisdiction, so every residential and business broadband customer is thus directly connected to JT’s fibre network which offers unrivalled internet upload and download speeds. This session was held on 18 February 2021


Sustainable project management and the global to do list (UN Sustainable Development Goals)

9 July 2024

During this event, Dr Tammi Sinha will outline the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the circular economy as outlined in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Delivering Projects and Programmes with Data Science and Machine Learning

12 September 2024

Delivering complex projects and programmes can be a hard challenge. We must scope out, design and build robust projects

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