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Welcome to the APM Risk Interest Network.

Ready to make a difference? Dive into our network and become part of something truly special. Whether you're passionate about volunteering, seeking valuable resources on Risk, or eager to network with like minded project professionals at our exciting events, there's a place for you here.

Volunteer opportunities await. Join us to create positive change! From webinars to networking events, there are countless ways you can contribute your time and skills to make a difference.

Discover valuable resources. Empower yourself with knowledge and tools to drive progress forward. Explore our resources below filled with insightful articles, practical guides, and useful tools designed to support your career.

Risk management The potential of situation or event to impact on the achievement of specific objectives.

Definition from APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition

What is risk management?

The Risk Interest Network provides a forum in which to share knowledge and ideas, develop expertise and understanding, foster ‘best practice’ and actively promote the adoption of project risk management.

We support many local APM Regional Network events, other APM Interest Network's and conferences organised by professional bodies and organisations. We are the only independent organisation in the UK specialising in project risk management.

The Risk Interest Network’s objectives are:

  • to enable effective management of risk;
  • to provide a forum for sharing experience and knowledge;
  • to promote best practice in development of guides;
  • to establish specific qualification standards for APM qualifications;
  • to facilitate the training and development of risk practitioners;
  • to promote links with other recognised professional bodies;
  • to provide a forum for sharing latest tools and techniques;
  • to provide an opportunity to network with people from similar/different roles/positions. 

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Featured resources

The Asymmetry between Threats and Opportunities in Risk Management

Our latest survey conducted among our Corporate Members assessed the state of

risk management in projects, with an emphasis on opportunity management.

Mini Guide Pram 322X193
Project risk analysis and management mini-guide

This guide provides an introduction to the processes involved in project risk analysis and management.

APM Risk Management IN Stacked RGB
The importance of collaboration between the project team, end-users, and stakeholders in managing complex decisions and risks in project environments

Collaboration between project teams, end-users, and stakeholders is crucial for effective risk management. The study emphasises the use of the Porter model and Agile methodologies, highlighting the importance of end-user involvement, frameworks like TRM and ERF, and adaptive decision-making for successful project outcomes and risk mitigation.


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Successful projects and failed programmes – the cost of not designing the whole life cycle of assets webinar
This webinar was on Asset Management for Project Managers, by a leading AM trainer and advisor who works with the UK IPA and others on how to incorporate whole life thinking into design and construction projects. This webinar was held on 28 February 2024.
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Integrated Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis (ICSRA): Demystified webinar
Provides an overview and demonstrate progressive approaches and techniques to ICSRA which can be used at various stages throughout a project’s lifecycle, and using outputs to make better informed decisions and consider additional actions.
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Reference Class Forecasting - useful method, or random number generator? webinar
Addressing the why, when, and how to use Reference Class Forecasting (RCF) as a method to predict uncertainty in major project planning and delivery. The key reason behind cost and schedule overrun is underestimation of risks, and the root causes of underestimation are optimism and political bias. This webinar was held on 18 October 2023.
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Demystifying Project Risk Management: Practical Tips for Practitioners
Projects are risky and risk management is an integral part of managing projects. But for many projects, managing risk is a chore and it doesn’t seem to help much. In this session, David Hillson tackled some important aspects of risk management that are often overlooked or poorly understood, providing practical tips to make it work on your project. This event was held on 18 April 2023.
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Time to rethink and review the yearly project risk register
Reviewing the project risk register.
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Why does the project progress often get delayed by issues I had not foreseen?
Why does the project progress often get delayed by issues I had not foreseen?


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How risky are your project risks?
An old saying reminds us, 'No risk, no reward.' Does it hold true for our projects as well? In project management, taking 'smart' risks can be the differentiator between success and stagnation of a project. But what is a 'smart' risk, and how do we find the balance between threat and opportunity? 
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9 Objectives of Project Initiation
Embarking on a new project is much like setting sail on uncharted waters. Without a proper map and compass, it's easy to lose direction or encounter unexpected obstacles. That's where project initiation comes in – the crucial phase where the foundation for success is laid.  
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Project schedule, quality and risks – a brief guide
When managing any type of project, you must create and follow schedules, confirm that the quality of the final deliverable meets expectations and assess and plan for potential risks to ensure a good outcome. Here, we provide a brief guide to these three vital elements of a project for those starting out in project management. 
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Voyage of compassion from risk to relief: a comparative exploration of risk management in humanitarian and commercial ventures
Commercial and humanitarian projects have very different missions and goals. Businesses are primarily driven by a mission to generate profits and create value for shareholders, with goals focused on financial success, market competitiveness and economic growth. In contrast, humanitarian projects are motivated by compassion, empathy and a desire to alleviate suffering, and improve the welfare of vulnerable people.
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Hypercare? Projects should never need to be in an ICU
In project management, we often see words drift in and become part of our collective vocabulary, as if they’ve always belonged. One such term, ‘hypercare’, has recently taken up residence, subtly infiltrating our risk management strategies, particularly when transitioning projects into a live state.
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Resilient risk management in agile projects
risk management

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