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Welcome to the APM Portfolio Management Interest Network.

Ready to make a difference? Dive into our network and become part of something truly special. Whether you're passionate about volunteering, seeking valuable resources on Portfolio Management, or eager to network with like minded project professionals at our exciting events, there's a place for you here.

Volunteer opportunities await. Join us to create positive change! From webinars to networking events, there are countless ways you can contribute your time and skills to make a difference.

Discover valuable resources. Empower yourself with knowledge and tools to drive progress forward. Explore our resources below filled with insightful articles, practical guides, and useful tools designed to support your career.

Portfolio management The selection, prioritisation and control of an organisation’s projects and programmes in line with its strategic objectives and capacity to deliver.

Definition from APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition

What is portfolio management?

Portfolio management ensures organisations invest in the ‘right’ projects/programmes to support their strategic objectives.

We aim to support everyone interested in PfM by promoting awareness of latest practices, researching new ideas, developing new approaches, and providing ways to share experiences and debate challenges. Our intention is to be a major contributor to the future development of PfM through encouraging and facilitating cross-professional collaboration.

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Featured resources

Analytics Versus Experience Cover Clay
Analytics versus experience: What’s more critical for the portfolio director?
Making The Hard Decisions Clay
Making the hard decisions: The challenge of decision making at the portfolio level 
Portfolio Management A Practical Guide 322X193
Portfolio Management – A practical guide

This guide illustrates how portfolio management is a key mechanism in enabling an organisation to optimise delivery of its strategic goals, maximising value, and do so in the required time frame.

"The Management Portfolio" series

The 'Managing the Portfolio' series of thought leadership reports, authored by Peter Glynne, provide a brief and practical insight into the journey to implement and embed portfolio management within an organisation. 

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The first ten years

This document is a short ‘history’ of Association for Project Management’s (APM) Portfolio Management Specific Interest Group (SIG) from its inception in 2010 and what we have achieved during the subsequent 10 years, during which time SIG membership (followers) has grown to more than 4,500.

It’s a snapshot of the events and people associated with its progression up until the end of 2020, and looks at the main achievements and challenges with some thoughts on where the SIG and PfM might go next.

The format consists of, broadly, an overview of each ‘SIG year’ running from annual committee elections at each AGM (usually held early summer) and through to the next AGM. It includes links to all of the SIG publications, major events, SIG conferences (and to most of the presentations) for those wishing to find out more.

Hopefully, this ‘history’ will provide a reference record for past/present/future SIG members, become part of APM’s ‘corporate memory’ and bring back some good memories for all those who have been on this journey, however long or short their participation.

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Futureproofing: Successful portfolio leadership and management in uncertain times (SIG conference 2023)
Explored how different organisations are future-proofing their portfolios, and the strategies they’re using to achieve this. The SIG 2023 conference also looked at how leadership styles are evolving to meet current and future challenges.
Future-proofing portfolios in uncertain times: APM conference to explore how and why
APM master logo.gif
Driving projects "looking through the windscreen": multi SIG conference 2022
The aim of the conference was to look at refocusing how we plan and execute projects, and we challenged the participants by asking – “If we went on a journey the way we plan and execute projects would we get to our destination, and would we get there on time?” The focus of the day was on driving projects like cars - looking ahead, ‘through the windscreen’.
APM Bens And Value SIG 500Px Outlined
Creating value in portfolios: A panel debate podcast
The third podcast video in the "Benefits and value for the portfolio" series.
Joint Sig Conference 2021 Landing Page Banner
APM joint SIG conference 2022: Successful delivery in the midst of rapid change
APM Portfolio Management SIG and Programme Management SIG joint conference 2022 on Thursday 17 March.
APM Portfolio Management SIG 500Px Outlined (1)
Latest insights and trends in portfolio management
To coincide with the Portfolio Management SIG’s 10th anniversary, a survey of portfolio management (PfM) practitioners was carried out in 2020. The survey highlighted several changes from what was discovered in 2015, and from the survey we were able to show some interesting links between portfolio governance, the organisation’s approach to PfM and alignment of the portfolio to an organisation’s strategies.


Gettyimages 910928700
What are the barriers to effective governance?
Members of the Governance SIG recently came together to begin the first stage of what will be an ongoing conversation around the barriers to effective governance. Project, programme, portfolio management (P3M) all require some form of coherent decision-making to ensure their success. Effective governance is crucial not only to P3M, but to the wider organisational context in which these initiatives sit.
Gettyimages 1169539468 (1)
Why portfolio management is essential for AI projects
In an era where artificial intelligence (AI), including generative AI, is revolutionising industries, organisations face unprecedented opportunities and challenges. AI’s potential to enhance customer experience, operational efficiency and insight generation is immense. However, AI projects are inherently complex and distinct from traditional projects due to their uncertainty, ethical considerations and stakeholder expectations.
Shutterstock 1931168318
Help! I’m managing multiple projects
When faced with a personal portfolio to deliver or initiatives to launch, how do you focus on doing one project well when you have to juggle multiple projects and tailor their approach to make sure all the balls stay in the air. 
Shutterstock 697487428
Portfolio thinking – getting the recipe right
If preparing the meal is a project, with clear parameters, the complexities of running a restaurant mean portfolio thinking is needed to bring everything together and manage the risks.
Clairty 01
‘Right practice’ beats best practice for Montserrat’s award-winning PMO
Alexander Saunders shares a striking example of exciting, innovative and impactful project management found on the Caribbean island of Montserrat.

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