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APM North West Network


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Welcome to the APM North West Network.

The North West Network offers a variety of exciting opportunities to network and learn about latest developments in project management within the North West region. 

The area covered by the North West Network is a large one, extending up to the border with Scotland beyond Carlisle, down to Telford and also across Northern Wales to Anglesey, with the Isle of Man covered too.

Connect with project professionals in your region, and benefit from local updates, with access to quality events that serve all membership levels and offer you the chance to network, make connections, and learn about the latest developments in project management. 

Build your network by engaging with like-minded project professionals at our events and gain insight into the latest project profession practices, leveraging the network’s experience and lessons from key projects. 

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Strengthening the Powerhouse: Opportunities and challenges for the project profession in North West England

The social and economic importance of the North West region of England has long been championed. Before Levelling Up, there was the Northern Powerhouse, the coalition government’s vision for a well-connected, globally competitive economy in the north of England, that would not only improve quality of life for local people but also rebalance the UK economy.

Developing infrastructure, collaboration between public and private sector stakeholders, and attracting and retaining skilled workers are vital to both initiatives. It’s clear from this that Project, Programme and Portfolio (P3M) professionals will make a major and essential contribution. This presents many opportunities to the project profession, along with unique challenges.

Members of APM’s North West Network and other project and programme specialists from the region met recently to discuss these topics and others. This collaborative discussion – which featured contributions from many diverse sectors – helped strengthen connections across the local project community, and helped delegates understand cross-sector synergies and opportunities.

This paper summarises the conversation, with supplementary material from additional sources.

APM hopes this conversation will continue, and our Regional Networks are helping to facilitate this. As always, APM’s volunteers are playing a crucial role in supporting their local communities, not just in North West England, but across the UK.

If you would like to be part of this conversation, we hope you may consider volunteering with APM, or becoming involved with your local APM Regional Network.


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The Vyrnwy Aqueduct Modernisation Programme webinar
Spotlight on the Vyrnwy Aqueduct Modernisation Programme and the challenges facing a large project within Cheshire. This webinar was held on 17 April 2024.
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Successful projects and failed programmes – the cost of not designing the whole life cycle of assets webinar
This webinar was on Asset Management for Project Managers, by a leading AM trainer and advisor who works with the UK IPA and others on how to incorporate whole life thinking into design and construction projects. This webinar was held on 28 February 2024.
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Does Happiness Pay?
There is compelling evidence that it pays to invest in your employees’ happiness. Research findings are clear that happier employees are more productive, which improves your bottom line. Your happiest employees are 65% more energised at work, spend twice as much time on-task, and intend to stay in their job 4 times longer, according to iOpener Institute. This event was held on 5 December 2023.
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Reference Class Forecasting - useful method, or random number generator? webinar
Addressing the why, when, and how to use Reference Class Forecasting (RCF) as a method to predict uncertainty in major project planning and delivery. The key reason behind cost and schedule overrun is underestimation of risks, and the root causes of underestimation are optimism and political bias. This webinar was held on 18 October 2023.
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Connecting Projects and People North West Branch Conference
On 9 May a wide range of delegates gathered at the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School for the 2023 North West Branch Conference.
CII Project Definition Rating Index – Reducing The Probability of Project Failure webinar
Poor scope definition is recognised as one of the leading causes of project failure, resulting in cost and schedule overruns, and long term operational issues. This webinar was held on 12 October 2022.


The principles and theory of Critical Chain project management

16 July 2024

Your opportunity to learn and explore! Critical Chain is an innovative approach which will see you reliably deliver full scope, to schedule, and within budget.

APM North West Network Meetup - Making Connections

18 July 2024

Start 18.00hrs - join when you can - leave when you have had enough, you will receive a warm informal welcome.

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