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Bel FrenchBel French

As a dedicated Project Manager within the construction industry, Bel has a particular passion for rail and infrastructure projects. Their journey began as an Apprentice, and they achieved the distinction of becoming the youngest Chartered Project Professional in their field at the age of 22. A trailblazer and advocate for breaking down barriers to entry, especially for neurodiverse individuals, Bel is committed to supporting Emerging Project Professionals in the first decade of their careers.

Bel is also currently a committee member for the Young Rail Professionals - London and South East Committee. They actively contribute to creating a supportive community for early-career professionals – something that Bel wishes to continue with APM’s new Emerging Project Professional Network. Elected to the board of trustees in November 2022, Bel has since been a member of the Professional Standards and Knowledge Committee.

Beyond their professional endeavours, Bel engages in outreach initiatives to enhance the visibility of the profession, including participation in APM's campaign with Cosmopolitan magazine, where they were featured in an interview.