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Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB)

A diverse, empowered workforce gives us different ways of thinking, a more successful business, and better places for us all to work. By promoting a sense of belonging, we will truly enable everyone to realise their potential and maximise their opportunities.

We’re committed to developing an environment that is diverse, inclusive and where people are free to express opinions, ideas and beliefs. By building a culture where our workforce expresses themselves freely, fairly and respectfully to others, we will embrace authenticity at work.

We will demonstrate our commitment as an employer by:

  • aspiring to reflect the society we serve.
  • promoting an environment for our workforce that is free from discrimination and disrespect tackling inappropriate behaviour in a timely manner.
  • ensuring our people strategies and culture embed the principles of DEIB throughout the workforce experience.
  • developing a practice of inclusive leadership within the organisation
  • building a culture where everyone feels included, listened to, and valued.

A professional community that is inclusive and reflective of society will be better placed to meet the needs of those it serves.

As a professional body, we promote high ethical standards.

  • We want our membership and the wider profession to reflect the diversity of our society.
  • We encourage differing perspectives and experiences.
  • We encourage all members of our community to contribute their views and ideas, fairly, respectfully and with confidence.

We demonstrate our commitment as a membership body by:

  • promoting equality of access to the profession through our qualifications and routes to membership;
  • ensuring the governance of our Board of Trustees and Committees promotes diversity;
  • listening to, and learning from, stakeholders, for example, to adopt good practice; 
  • promoting an environment for our members that is fair, respectful and free from discrimination; 
  • implementing our Code of Professional Conduct and taking action where appropriate and;
  • monitoring and reporting on diversity in the profession to inform policy.

Every person who works for us, and every member, can help us fulfil these principles, which will be kept under review by the Leadership Team and the Board of Trustees.

These are some of the great things we are doing around DEIB for the project profession.