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APM Members’ Review 2022/23

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| "Our business year has been one of significant milestones and one that has built on the foundations we have previously worked so hard to establish."

Professor Adam Boddison OBE, Chief Executive, APM

| "I really enjoyed reading the list of 50 inspiring projects which we highlighted as part of our 50th anniversary celebrations."

Milla Mazilu, Board Chair, APM

APM Members' Review: Strategic goals

In 2022 we launched our new corporate strategy: Delivering a Better Future. We identified four strategic themes to ensure resilience for the future:

| APM provides leadership of the profession

| APM is a professional body for all project professionals

| APM identifies & enables the right skills for the project professional

| APM is an outstanding professional body

Underpinning these themes is the work we’ve undertaken across Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB), as well as sustainability. They remain critical factors for us, and those we serve, which is why they and feature in our latest Competence Framework and Chartered Standard.

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| Providing leadership of the profession

Growing our membership

Our membership grew by 18.9% and we closed the year having broken the 40,000 mark for individual members for the first time, ending the year with 44,241 members. 

We strengthened relationships with organisations across industry and the public sector through our Corporate Partnership Programme. We ended the year with 442 corporate partners.

Growing demand for our qualifications

The 22,261 exams sat last year is the highest ever for APM qualifications and highlights a strong demand for development opportunities across the profession.

Register of Chartered Project Professionals passes 3,000 ChPPs

A new milestone was reached as our Register of Chartered Project Professionals totalled over 3,000 Chartered Project Professionals (ChPPs) for the first time since its launch in 2018. 

Evidence of the value of chartered status continues to build and we’re seeing a strong demand from major organisations for project professionals to have achieved the standard for key roles.

Public affairs and government engagement

We submitted evidence to five external consultations, including securing a spot for our President at a government roundtable on transport skills.

We met numerous MPs and Peers, including attendance at party conferences. We’ve maintained healthy dialogue with our key stakeholders including the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA), National Audit Office (NAO) and National Infrastructure Commission (NIC).

A lot of work was undertaken in 2022/23 to expand our international profile and support future growth. We are continuing to focus on strengthening relationships with organisations such as APMG International (APM Group) and the International Project Management Association (IPMA).

In addition, we are further investing in our international development activity with corporate partners, training providers, volunteers and key stakeholders to further embed the Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) as the expected global standard.

APM research

We published six pieces of research and 15 bitesize research blogs during 2022/23. These covered important topics such as gender inequality, net zero, diversity and well-being. Four new studies were also awarded funding from the APM Research Fund.

Leading discussion and debate

We published numerous white papers and reports and hosted online roundtables. Using a variety of platforms enabled us to make these discussions more accessible.

This included our papers on Making the Transition from Project Manager to Project Leader (an exclusive for APM Corporate Partners) and The Chief Project Officer - An Essential Part of the Future C-Suite, as well as a roundtable on Project Management in the Life Sciences.

APM Project Management Conference 2022 APM Project Management Awards 2022

| Flagship events 2022

APM Power of Projects Conference 2022

Our Power of Projects conference in June 2022 and brought the project management community back together with our first in-person flagship conference since 2019. 

The keynote speaker was Catherine Green OBE, Manufacturing Lead, Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine, Oxford University, who played an integral part in the development of the Oxford–AstraZeneca vaccine.

APM Project Management Awards 2022

Our APM Project Management Awards, held in November 2022, received 150 entries, submitted from a wide range of sectors. On the night, we were pleased to welcome 450 guests.

APM Women in Project Management Conference 2022 featuring the Think Differently Summit

Our award-winning Women in Project Management (WiPM) Conference took place in September 2022 in London, our first in-person WiPM conference since 2019. It garnered resoundingly positive feedback with over 480 attendees. The discussions addressed the key challenges of modern work, sharing insights from project management experts and providing the opportunity to make new connections.

APM Festival of Education and Research

Our Festival of Education and Research was the biggest yet, attracting nearly 800 delegates in February 2023 from over 20 countries and featuring 25 speakers. This event received nearly twice as many award submissions as the previous year. 84% of attendees said they would recommend the event to colleagues and contacts.

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| Growing our social media community

Success on our digital channels

Our LinkedIn channel reached an impressive milestone of over 100,000 followers. Our LinkedIn Live sessions achieved 20,000 viewers. We grew our TikTok following to over 14,000 with four million video views and 80,000 engagements.

APM Community mobile app

Our new APM Community mobile app for members launched last year. The app connects project professionals from around the world and provides direct access for all users to the APM Community - APM’s online forum. We reached over 600 app users in 2022/23.

Women in projects

Our editorial campaign explored issues including career progression, flexible working, mentoring and tackling myths around discrimination. The campaign included blogs, interview articles and video interviews that were syndicated and shared by partner organisations, to reach the widest possible audience.

The campaign included blogs, interview articles and video interviews that were syndicated and shared by partner organisations, to reach the widest possible audience. The campaign culminated in an online roundtable featuring prominent women from the project profession. This roundtable was made available on demand and was viewed over 5,000 times by the end of the business year.

Welcoming our youngest Chartered Project Professional

In July 2022, we congratulated Bel French, Infrastructure Project Manager with construction consultant Gleeds, who it was announced had become a Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) aged just 22.


| Identifying and enabling the right skills for the project professional

APM Learning developments

Since launch we’ve developed over 40 modules covering the majority of APM competence areas. These are supported by guides, 100 learning podcasts, tools and templates. We have over 40% of individual eligible members registered on the site.


Throughout 2022/23 we published a wide range of books and reports. These included Neuroscience for Project Success – Why people behave as they do by Carole Osterweil and our report on Project Management in post-conflict and disaster zones.

Our publications are also available on the RNIB Bookshop, where learners with a visual disability can access large print and braille books free of charge.

We also worked closely throughout the year with Crossrail to publish a Learning Legacy journal. The journal is a collection of six papers sharing lessons from Crossrail, one of Europe’s largest engineering projects. As an official learning legacy partner, APM was responsible for reviewing the content and publishing the findings.

APM Mentoring

Our APM Mentoring Programme marked its 12-month milestone in February 2023. The programme enables mentors drawn from APM’s global membership to support and guide people in the early stages of their career, returning to work or who are new to the project profession.

We reached have 237 working pairs with 268 mentors registered after one year of being available to members.

50 Projects for a Better Future: Øresund Bridge - A 16km rail and road link that connects Sweden and Denmark, the Øresund project comprises a bridge, a manmade island and a tunnel. Getty Images

An outstanding professional body

APM 50th anniversary

2022 was APM’s 50th anniversary year. Celebratory activities included 50 Projects for a Better Future - a showcase of the 50 most inspiring projects from the past 50 years which have had a positive and transformative impact on society, the economy and environment.

More than 600 projects from across the fields of construction and engineering, technology, healthcare, education, sports and nature, arts and media were nominated for inclusion by a panel made up of APM members, APM branch representatives, board members and industry experts.

The 50 Projects for a Better Future list was published on our website and a hardback book was also produced and distributed.

Rebranding APM

On 31 October 2022 we unveiled a new brand identity and logo. This was the culmination of a brand refresh to reflect how the organisation has evolved. The new brand identity includes the new strapline.

| ‘Because when projects succeed, society benefits’, which reflects the power of projects to make the world a better place.'

Launch of digital badge for volunteers

In February 2023 we launched a new digital badge for our volunteers that recognises the valuable contributions they make and raises their profile across the profession. We also published a new web page to highlight the vast number of opportunities there are for people to get involved with volunteering at APM.

By the end of the year, nearly 900 volunteer digital badges have been issued

Awards and other achievements

Best Companies two-star rating

We were proud to achieve a two-star Best Companies rating in March 2023. This represents ‘Outstanding’ levels of workplace engagement and continual improvement from our 2022 score, which gained a ‘very good’ one-star rating.

Association Excellence Awards

In October 2022 our Corporate Partnership Programme took first prize at the Association Excellence Awards. The judges commented: “This was a very strong partnership demonstrating effectiveness.”

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB)

As the only chartered organisation for the project profession, it’s vital for us to continue working to promote, engage and champion diversity across the profession. In 2022 we published our Diversity and Equality policy online to make our goals more visible to the public and to increase confidence in our commitment to DEIB.

Our volunteer community supported this work throughout 2022/23, contributing blogs that cover important topics like mental health, neurodiversity and inclusion.

Our branch network ramped up its DEIB activity, both online and at physical events, and this was well received. A significant highlight was our first-ever Black History Month themed panel discussion hosted by London Branch committee member Mohamed Ali. Over 80 cross-industry guests explored a range of topics including representation and inclusivity, with delegates describing the event as “brilliant and really engaging”.

Thank you, volunteers

The winners of our annual Volunteer Achievement Awards were announced in November. The awards recognise and reward the invaluable contribution that volunteers make to the success of the organisation and the wider project profession. Trophies were presented to winners in six categories:

  • Branch of the Year - Thames Valley Branch
  • Specific Interest Group (SIG) of the Year - People SIG
  • Education Volunteer of the Year - Giedre Irtmonaite
  • Volunteer Event of the Year - Scotland Branch (partnered Heriot-Watt University)
  • Volunteer of the Year - Dale Shermon
  • Special Achievement - Kevin Barton

The time our volunteers dedicate to APM and the range and breadth of activities they help us deliver is a huge factor in our success, and the future success of the project profession. For this, we are truly grateful.

Sarah Slater, Volunteering Manager at APM, said: "I know just how much effort our volunteers put into the different activities they support, whether that be mentoring, our events or publications, to name just a few. We rely so much on their support and commitment."

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| Creating public benefit

As part of our 50th anniversary last year, we explored the impact and benefits of some of the largest-ever projects. This laid bare the vital importance of projects, programmes and portfolios that are continuously pushing boundaries in a world that’s often volatile, complex and ambiguous.

With our profession facing increasing demand to harness the power of change for good, we create public benefit in the following ways:

  • Setting leading standards
    Our highly respected Chartered Project Professional standard has been revised to align with our latest Competence Framework to ensure we continually lead the way in creating clear, accessible standards and setting the highest of bars for the profession we serve.
  • Promoting and facilitating education
    We lead debate, champion innovation and challenge the status quo. We provide the project profession with recognised qualifications, learning materials and a varied programme of events to facilitate discussion and drive improvement.
  • Raising awareness
    Our chartered status gives the profession the respect it deserves. We work to raise not only our own profile, but the profile of our members and the wider project profession by celebrating the economic and social value that projects create; especially among new audiences.
  • Growing the talent pipeline
    We encourage organisations to invest in the professionalisation of employees who manage projects, programmes and portfolios. We work with higher education institutions and professional training providers, nationally and internationally, to promote project management as a career of first choice and facilitate access to our qualifications.
  • Supporting research
    As well as commissioning our own research, we fund research from educational and academic institutions around the world. We hold events to share these insights and celebrate the contribution that academia and research make to our profession.

In addition, we collaborate with government bodies, private sector organisations and other membership bodies to raise awareness of the importance of well-managed projects, and to advance the development of skills that enable projects to be delivered better.

Achieving these things and delivering on our objectives helps us progress towards a world in which all projects succeed. The public benefit that results from this represents the fulfilment of our charitable object – creating a virtuous circle.

| Plans for the future

In 2022 we launched our new strategy, Delivering a Better Future. This provides a roadmap for APM, showing how we will continue to innovate, adapt and build on current strengths, and it reflects our role and responsibilities as the chartered body for the project profession.

During 2022/23, we undertook a range of initiatives that form the foundations to some of our future plans. These included reviews of our chartered standard, our volunteer relationship and our accreditation model for training providers. We will start to implement enhancements in 2023/24.

These initiatives and others will support us in our ‘1/10/100’ ambition of reaching 1,000 Corporate Partners, 10,000 Chartered Project Professionals and 100,000 individual members. While ambitions on this scale will not be achieved overnight, we do believe these targets can be reached. The work we’ve done over the past 12 months mean we have them firmly in our sights.

Continuing to look ahead

In our endeavour to be an outstanding organisation, we will also be carrying out some internal changes, including the implementation of our new CRM system and enhancing our insights function. We will review our product portfolio to ensure that we remain relevant to all our stakeholders including current and potential individual and corporate members, students and the wider profession.

Enhancing the voice of the profession

We will continue to enhance the voice of the profession by increasing our presence in political and other fields. Working closely with education providers, corporate and public organisations, we will continue to grow the community of Chartered Project Professionals who drive excellence in the design, delivery and control of change.

A commitment to sustainability

We have already made commitments to sustainability, and we will build on these, both internally and as a leader for the profession. We will help project practitioners understand their impact on sustainability, so that they can incorporate it into their projects that meet the needs of the current generation without compromising future ones.